Cognitive Coaching is a MUST

Cognitive Coaching

The most valuable professional development includes opportunities for collaboration, accountability, and follow up coaching. Teacher coaching involves a master educator working alongside teachers discussing classroom practices in a way that is individualized, sustained, and focused. Our desire is to help teachers be able to self-monitor, reflect, revise practices based on those reflections, grow professionally, and ultimately improve student learning in our classrooms. Growth happens during Branching Out one-on-one coaching. 

Curriculum Mapping

We can help your school attain the next level of instruction by aligning standards, developing instructional activities, assessment techniques, and biblical integration into your curriculum. This guide can be developed in a database format, allowing for constant revision and improvement for years to come.


Curriculum Mapping is not one more thing to add to your plate, it IS the plate! It is the infrastructure that supports a bridge between state standards and your school’s curriculum. The process of identifying academic gaps, overlaps, and misalignment lead to a collaborate effort of professional decision making for quality education. 


Private schools must continually strive to ensure that their mission, vision and goals are attainable and sustainable throughout designing and refining curriculum and instruction which curriculum mapping embraces.